Thursday, April 3, 2008

Danielli Spa


Danielli Spa is located in Libis, Quezon City near Eastwood City. This is another Spa located on top of a building without any elevators which is a real drag since going up and down stairs isn’t a very relaxing activity. Price is a decent 400 pesos for a 60 minute massage. The price includes 1 drink, which either iced tea or orange juice, use of their steam room and shower facilities. You are requested to take a shower or steam then shower before getting your massage. You’re going to be wearing shorts and a robe that they provide for your massage.


A typical common room with about 12 beds but spread far apart from each other, there are no dividers within the common room. Massage therapists cover your body with blankets and towels so the only part of your body that is exposed is the part which is being massaged. The aircon is a little bit too cool for my liking. Sometimes they play calming nature sounds or music but most of the time the aircon drowns it out.

Quality of Service

Danielli Spa uses a combination of shiatsu and Swedish massage techniques. They use a good amount of oil which is surprisingly is not too greasy on the skin, which is a good thing. The massage that they do is very typical but with a lot of stretching which can be a hindrance to those who like to sleep while getting a massage (like me). It’s a good massage but a little bit soft and somewhat lacking for me.


xe said...

i went there tonight to get a body scrub. yes, i agree, walking up to third floor is a drag since you want to go there to relax. if i wanted to burn some calories, i'd go to the gym.

anyway, i had already paid for the service, but i'm not sure i'd stil want to avail of it. the staff, especially that lady at the counter and that foreigner guy, they are rude :(

i drove all the way to libis tonight, braved the traffic, wasted time, energy, and gas, but in the end, i didn't get the massage i so looked forward to, and only got more stressed in the process :(

nope, danielli spa is not for me.

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