Friday, March 28, 2008

Ton-Ton Thai Massage


Ton-Ton Thai Massage has many branches not only in Metro Manila but in some other key cities like Tagaytay, Subic Bay and Cebu City. I’m not completely sure where else, but they seem to be located all over the country. They have very decent pricing for a 60 minute massage at 250 pesos during afternoons 1-6pm and 300 pesos on all other times, they are open till 2 am which is also very convenient. Upon paying you are given a pajama, slippers and assign you a locker. Ton-Ton Thai Massage is one of our favorite Massage places because of accessibility, a good price and of course a very relaxing massage. And they don’t use any oil which is ideal for those on the go and want a quick relaxing massage without the sticky and slimy feeling afterwards.


This is really not the strong suit of this spa, in this respect you really get what you pay for, which is not a lot. The rooms are divided by curtains and you get your massage on a thin mattress on the floor. You are required to wear a pajama that they provide but sometimes it can be too cold inside the massage area. They do try though; they play some very soothing music which feebly drowns out the sound of the air conditioning. They don’t use any oils or lotion so you are not required to take a shower and neither do they have a sauna or a steam room. The design inside is very minimalistic but strangely does not look cheap and somehow they manage to create a mood of relaxation, or maybe I’m just easy to please.

Quality of Service

Ton-Ton Thai Massage employs a Thai massage technique (what a surprise) that stimulates pressure points and stretching a lot like shiatsu. You’ll be wearing you pajama for the entire massage. No oils are used so there’s no sticky or slimy feeling afterwards. I always feel revitalized after a massage at Ton-Ton, my personal favorite is the back massage, which sort of misleading because while it does concentrate on your back, they also find time to massage some other body parts. For me, getting a good massage for my back is so important because it’s the only part of my body that I personally can’t massage for myself. Also Ton-Ton’s foot massage is very good as well, it really is very relaxing. In fact, I want to go there right now, the more I think about it. So stop reading and go out and try Ton-Ton Thai Massage for yourself.


jc smith said...
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leina said...

we've been to TONTON THAI MASSAGE tagaytay branch 4x...the best for me and my husband, two thumbs up! we even brought our kids with us to experience the best massage ever!

vanilla said...

we would like to hear more from you & others.the best for me and my husband, two thumbs up! we even brought our kids with us to experience the best massage ever!

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Your Angel said...

try the massage therapist named Prince from Cicada Makati Branch.. his nice and huge.. here his fb account:

Unknown said...

Thai Phraya Foot and Body Massage
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